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Digimat emergency call systems are available for hotels, independent living facilities, elderly or disabled homes, nursing homes, hospitals, municipalities, schools and many clinical centers. Any facility in need of emergency call buttons or calling systems for panic situations would benefit from the installation of an emergency call system. During a crisis, the person in need of assistance can activate the system by pulling the rope on the emergency call button to inform those responsible for the facility. Along with the call, the door-top warning lamp alerts you with sound and light. An audible warning can also be provided when the address of the call is shown on the call display panel. The system can be wired or wireless. Facilities with an emergency call system provide residents with a sense of security and convenience.

Hotel Call Display

It is the unit which enables the calls made from the pagers to be monitored by the personnel in charge. It shows the call coming from 3 different addresses at the same time visually and audibly. Each indicator line has 3 digits.

Emergency Call Button

It is a battery operated unit which is not affected by moisture and humidity and sends emergency call information to the panel when the handle is pulled. When the battery is low, it sends a low battery warning to the call panel. The call is confirmed by the led on it. The number to be displayed on the panel can be arranged as desired.

Warning Lamp

It is the unit that lights when the call is made on the door of the room where the call is made. Wireless communication with call button. In wireless systems, the warning lamp works with 110V/220V.

Adressing Module

One is used for each room. Indicates the address of the pager to the display.

Data Distribution Module

Used for data transfer if the number of rooms exceeds 32 or in floors. One is used for each floor or hallway.

Power Supply

It is supplied with one 12V DC power supply for each floor. It is recommended to use 1 power supply per 10 address modules.
  • Why is it great to be a Randa Distributor / Dealer

    Randa Elektronik provides value to its customers not only in the adequate and perfect supply of Digimat products, but also in providing great after-sales service and maintenance. Taking into consideration the importance of having a trustworthy brand and setting high standards, in 2008 company registered its new brand ‘Digimat’ . Randa Elektronik has necessary certificates such as ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management and ISO 27001: 2005 Information Management System certificates and TSE Service qualification certificates in order to ensure best possible quality. On-time delivery, production planning processes and modern distribution are guaranteed by our company. For the comfort of our customers, we have established partnerships with well-known and reliable logistics companies such as Fedex and DHL.
  • What our distributors can expect from us?

    • Reliable call systems with the latest technology
    • Technical and commercial training
    • Marketing assurance and supporting technical literature, user manuals, web material, competitor analysis information and distributor packages.
    • Full education and research
    • Comprehensive technical and sales support
    • Increased customer satisfaction and success stories
  • What Do We Expect from Our Dealers?

    We expect a genuine commitment to excellence in service and prompt supply. The dealer team responsible for marketing and selling our products must have a solid knowledge of the products, market and customer needs. Ideally, they should have experience in the industry and the base of existing customers. Dealers should also be open to deal with customer’s complaints as well as provide advice and guidance to customers.
  • Join Our Dealer Network

    We are proud to have establihed a network of distribution partners across worldwide. We would like to invite new companies to join our growing dealer network. Furthermore we would like to introduce our existing solutions to new markets. We are looking for loyal, dedicated partners with in-depth technical skills, extensive local market knowledge and relevant connections.
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