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Digimat Wired Nurse Call System

It designed and manufactured with the aim of ensuring that nurses are immediately informed about emergency situations, shortening the response time to patients and responding to patient requests quickly in health centers. Call devices consist of bedside unit, handset and WC/bathroom unit. All calls made are displayed as floor, room and bed number on the led display panel. All calls and activities can be reported in computer.

Wired Nurse call System is a great choice in order to:

-Prevent a confusion in a case of an emeregency;
-Provide an immediate notification of emergency situations;
-Provide quick response to patient requests.

Nurse Call Display

It is the unit that enables the calls made from the buttons to be monitored from the nurse desks. Simultaneously shows the call from 5 different addresses visually and audibly. Each indicator line has 7 segments and 4 digits.

Bedside Call Unit

It is the unit that enables the nurse to be called from the patient bed. It has call and reset buttons. An emergency call can also be initiated via the unit.

Handset Call Unit

It is a call unit which is connected to the bedside unit with a locked type socket so that the patient can make calls when the bedside call unit cannot be reached. Optionally, lighting control can be added.

Pull Cord Call Unit

It is a unit which is not affected by moisture and humidity and provides emergency call information to the personnel when the rope handle is pulled.

Warning Lamp

It is a warning unit mounted on the doors of patient rooms and wc / bathrooms. It can light up to 4 different colors depending on the call status.

Room Control Unit

This unit is used to control pagers and door-top warning lamps in patient rooms and to determine room addresses. There is also a relay output for lighting control.

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  • Why it is great to become Randa distribitor ?

    Randa Elektronik provides its customers with + value not only in supplying Digimat products adequately and perfectly, but also in providing better after-sales service and maintenance. The company, which was established in 1998, has registered the “Digimat” brand in 2008, considering the importance of being a standard and a brand in products. Randa has ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management and ISO 27001: 2005 Information Management System certificates, TSE Service qualification documents required for product and service quality. Just in time delivery, our production planning processes and modern distribution are guaranteed by our center. For the sake of our customers, we have established partnerships with well-established and reliable logistics companies such as Yurtiçi Kargo and MNG.
  • What Can Our Dealers Expect From Us?

    • Reliable calling systems with the latest technology
    • Technical and commercial training
    • Marketing assurance and supporting technical literature, user manuals, web material, competitor analysis information and distributor packages.
    • Complete education and research
    • Comprehensive technical and sales support
    • Increased customer satisfaction and success stories
  • Our Expectations From Our Dealers

    We expect true commitment to service excellence and fast supply. The dealer team responsible for marketing and selling our products needs to have a solid knowledge of products, market and customer needs. Ideally, they should have experience in the industry and the base of existing customers. In addition, dealers should be open to issues such as dealing with customer complaints or providing advice and guidance to customers.
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    We are proud of we have established a worldwide network of distribution partners. We now invite new companies to join our growing dealer network. We want to introduce our solutions in existing and new markets. We are looking for loyal, private partners with in-depth technical expertise, extensive local market knowledge and relevant links.
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